The Association

The Hellenic Students Association (HSA) was founded and established in 2006. The club’s original purpose was to promote Greek culture on campus, but became inactive over the past few years. In the beginning of 2009, the Greek students of the Johns Hopkins University decided to restore and further develop the Hellenic Students Association. The success of the group was due in part to the large Greek population on the Homewood campus and the determination of the students to create a vibrant environment where students could interact with one another.

In our efforts to reorganize and stimulate the group, we began by re-writing the constitution to ensure that the club was sufficiently structured and disciplined in order to be successful. This process included the creation of numerous new positions in the club, initiative bestowed upon new members, and the decision to hold weekly general body meetings. The meetings were designed in order to provide us with the opportunity to congregate and actively discuss our ideas and plans for the club in a stimulating environment.

We then started organizing our first events, we found great supporters and started connecting the Hellenic Students Association with the Greek-American community in Baltimore.