Our Supporters

Faculty Support

From the very beginning we were fortunate to have the avid support of three Johns Hopkins University professors of Greek origin: Dr. Dimitrios Yatromanolakis -Professor of Classics, Dr. Evangelos Moudrianakis -Professor of Biology, and Dr. Susan Vazakas -the Librarian for Science & Engineering. Each of these professors supervised our work and helped us achieve our goals.


Additional Support

We also had the chance to meet with Mr. Jason Filippou, the Executive Director of the Greektown CDC, and set up a long-term affiliation between the two organizations.

Mr. Filippou came and talked to our members about the Greektown CDC and all types of Volunteering opportunities available.

We also helped Mr. Filippou out with his political campaign to run for Delegate in the Fall of 2010, by handing flyers and volunteering at his kiosk close to the voting booth.

Further Support

In September 2010 we had the unique chance to meet with Mr. Aris Melissaratos, who kindly offered to sponsor the 2011 ‘Greek Night’. Mr. Melissaratos has provided the University with multiple endowments over the years and was gracious enough to provide us with the opportunity to attend a fundraising event at his house for Governor Bob Ehrlich. Mr. Melissaratos has been an inspirational figure behind our organization as he is a positive force in helping us promote our mission to spread Hellenic culture on campus. He has supported our Association in every way possible and has been helping us in anything we ever need.

With the help of Mr. Melissaratos we had the opportunity to connect with the Chair of the Baltimore-Peireus Sister City Committee, Mrs. Diane Homberg. Mrs. Homberg and her Committee co-sponsored the 'Greek Night 2011'